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Who is Magpie?

A tribe dedicated to helping Utah families create space for everyday moments centered around hearty, healthful and tasty food.  Our leader is Chef Maggie Faber, a Salt Lake Lifer and lover of delicious food and dinner parties.

We provide delivered chef prepared food,  sweet treats, and online cooking classes for our Salt Lake City neighbors—Try Magpie Sweets and Eats this Tuesday  with a stove-ready family meal! 

Weekly Family Meals

Happy Customers

What people say about us

Linda R.

“I’ve been ordering meals from Magpie Sweets and Eats weekly for around six weeks. I’ve loved everything that they have prepared so far, especially the homemade desserts. The portions are good size and the quality of the ingredients and spices is superb! I would highly recommend their meals to all my friends and family”

Paul C.

“I first gave Magpie Sweets and Eats during a Chinese takeout week. I was fortunate to get on the order list last minute that week. The food was so good, and fresh. I liked that I had “instant dinner”, that was healthy- with little effort. The instructions included for the meal prep are always clear and concise, and the food always turns out perfectly. I have been pleased with every meal I’ve ordered. Not only do I have a gourmet prepared meal, but to top it off, there is always a beyond-delicious dessert. As a busy father with an active 8 year old vegetarian son, I’ve found it easy to adjust these meals to my sons needs by not including the protein which is always packed in its own container. Maggie Faber has been good to work with as well- I’ve had several questions, and always get a quick reply with exactly the answer I was hoping for. I recommend this business and suggest that anyone who is looking for tasty food while staying safely in your home (Covid) to give it a try. Like my family, you’ll become a quick fan. 4 stars”

Jenny F.

“I signed up for Magpie Eats and Sweets meal delivery service a few months ago and I’m so glad I did! Each week, they deliver a delicious and wholesome meal which includes dessert! Their professionalism and attention to their craft helps take the guesswork out of what to make for dinner at least one night a week. Beyond that, they are just a stellar people whom I trust implicitly to prepare my food with care.”

Bethanie J.

“If you have had the chance to taste Magpie, then you know what a privilege it is! I have been lucky to partake in many of Magpie’s meals and every dish knocks out of the park. They have this insane talent to make a simple dish and turn it into something full of flavor that keeps your mouth guessing what they put in it. Try the chicken pot pie and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll always have an elevated delicious home cooked meal that has heart and soul in it.”